I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia in the centre of Marche’s tourism

An easily accessible seaside town due to its natural location, with its 14 km of beaches Senigallia is the main tourist resort in the Marche region.

The name Sena Gallica was given to the city by the Senon Gauls, later to become the first Roman settlement on the Adriatic Sea, capital of the Gauls and a Roman colony.

With its velvet beach and hills, it is an ideal setting for those who want to spend a few days’ holiday with family or friends while fully appreciating pleasant and “tasty” days of relaxation. Trying the specialities in the restaurants, which together give the city no less than five Michelin stars, is equivalent to living a true gastronomic sensory experience.

But Senigallia is also the City of Photography. It is the birthplace of Mario Giacomelli, one of the international masters of 20th century photography, to whom it pays homage with a permanent exhibition of his works. The itinerary of the museum circuit allows visitors to discover the Rocca RoverescaPalazzo del DucaPalazzetto Baviera, the Archaeological Area and the Museum dedicated to the MezzadriaPius IX’s birthplace and the Diocesan Art Gallery.

Another worthy mention is the Rotonda a mare, a symbolic monument of seaside tourism suspended between sea and land, unique in its kind with its shell-shaped roof.