I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia

Reggio Emilia

The 1000 Miglia returned to Reggio Emilia

A ‘flagship city’. This is how Reggio Emilia can be defined. First of all, because it is the City of the Italian National Flag (here, on 7th January 1797, the flag that represents Italy today was launched). But Reggio Emilia is also the symbol of quality of life, in every aspect: it offers so much in the way of art (starting with the 17th century Basilica della Ghiara and the well-known Valli Municipal Theatre) and culture (the European Photography Festival is held here every year, as well as events and concerts at the Campovolo Arena).

It impresses with the spectacular ‘Sails’ (the bridges over the motorway) and the ‘Waves’ (which characterise the Mediopadana railway station), majestic gateways to the city designed by architect Santiago Calatrava; then it conquers you with that special atmosphere that you can feel when you experience the streets and squares in the city centre, the 19th century public gardens and the vast network of parks and greenery.

Reggio is an unmissable stop for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of cuisine, just as it is one of the driving forces of regional industry, making it one of the ‘capitals’ of Motor Valley; yes, because Reggio Emilia is, viscerally, a land of cars.

Last but not least, Reggio has always been a proud flagship of the 1000 Miglia: the Red Arrow has been passing through here since the early days (how can we forget Nuvolari’s emotional withdrawal from the race) and did so again this year, as it passed through Reggio Emilia on 15th June.