I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The Red Arrow in the cradle of the renaissance 

Between the Metauro and Foglia valleys, in the hills of the Marche region facing the Adriatic Sea, lies the town of Urbino, one of the most important centres of the Italian Renaissance, whose artistic charm and architectural legacy is still preserved today.
Adorned with sandstone buildings and surrounded by a long wall of brickwork, Urbino is a city of immense historical and artistic wealth. From being a simple village, it became the “cradle of the Renaissance”, and even today, walking through its historical centre, one can breathe in the 15th century air.
In 1998, Urbino earned the honour of being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for having been a point of attraction for the most illustrious Renaissance scholars and artists from all over Italy and the world, and for having influenced cultural progress in the rest of Europe, managing to keep its exceptional urban complex almost intact. The cars of the 1000 Miglia passed through it on the second leg of the 2022 Edition.