I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The Race in Gubbio, the city with medieval features

This city, proud of its origins, has fascinated many intellectuals over time – Hesse, Piovene, Ceronetti – who recounted its uniqueness in their writings.

Gubbio has spanned the centuries, from the Bronze Age settlement, clinging like a bird of prey to the hillside, to the thriving center of pre-Roman Umbria civilization that produced a complex and articulate organization, borne witness to by the “Eugubine Tables”, to the Roman city, splendid in its Theater and its domus.

What we see today is medieval Gubbio with the hanging square (Piazza Grande) and the Palazzo dei Consoli, built in the mid-1300s.

Popular traditions, first and foremost the Festa dei Ceri, also contribute to its appeal.

In a striking combination of ancient and “modernity”, the cars of the 1000 Miglia drove through Gubbio’s historic center on Thursday, June 16 during the second leg of the World’s Most Beautiful Race.