I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


Bergamo and 1000 Miglia: when history, the present and the future meet

First passing Bergamo and then the final arrival in Brescia. In the last leg of 1000 Miglia 2022, hold on 18 June, the cars in the race saluted Bergamo. A gesture that testifies to the twinning that in 2023 will see the two cities united in the “Brescia-Bergamo Capital of Culture” project. The Race found itself in the middle of what, over the centuries, has been defined as a sort of natural stronghold. A medieval jewel that still retains its essence today. A place where past, present and future meet is certainly the best possible leg for 1000 Miglia, which always manages to renew the link between its history, the present and the future.