I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia in Fermo, the pearl of Marche’s history, art and culture

Situated around the Girfalco hill, Fermo has the Adriatic Sea on one side, only eight kilometres away from the city centre, and on the other the evocative scenery of typical small towns that reach as far as the slopes of the Monti Azzurri of Leopardi’s memory: the Sibillini. From Piazza del Popolo, one can enjoy a Renaissance scenery rich in churches, noble residences and courtyards. Framed by the loggias of the square is the Palazzo dei Priori, built at the end of the 13th century. It is the oldest palazzo in the city, born from the aggregation of already existing buildings, where the famous late Gothic tablets with the Stories of St. Lucy by the Venetian Jacobello del Fiore and the famous Adoration of the Shepherds by Peter Paul Rubens are preserved. Also of rare interest is the underground area that houses one of the most important Roman cistern complexes from the Augustan period in the world. Not to be forgotten is the Cathedral with its imposing Romanesque-Gothic façade; the interior, modified in neoclassical style in the 18th century, still preserves precious works that testify to the importance of the city of Fermo over the centuries. The undisputed protagonist, in Fermo and its surroundings, is the sea: the city offers visitors and tourists splendid stretches of coastline for a total of about 8 kilometres, precious stretches of golden sand on one side and wide stretches of smooth white pebbles on the other.