I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia

Provaglio d’Iseo

The 1000 Miglia among the treasures of Lake Iseo

A link between the lake and the hills, Provaglio d’Iseo encompasses precious art and natural treasures such as the Torbiere del Sebino and the Cluniac Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa, making it a truly unique place. The Monastery, founded in the 11th century and still one of the most interesting Romanesque complexes in the province of Brescia, dominates the Torbiere del Sebino, a Nature Reserve of international importance. The area is also rich in interesting historical buildings: Palazzo Francesconi, once a noble residence and today the prestigious seat of the Town Hall; the 16th-century Sanctuary of the Madonna del Corno, externally decorated with frescoes of which some parts still remain, built around the beginning of the 16th century and dedicated to the Annunciation of the Madonna. The Castle, an ancient building complex, bears witness to the importance this place has had since the Middle Ages: the ancient medieval fortress, which archaeological excavations and restoration work are bringing to light and enhancing. Worthy of note is also the small Church of San Bernardo, dating back to the second half of the 15th century.