I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia in the triangle of beauty

Even in a country like Italy, rich in history, natural beauty and works of art, Capodimonte and its territory are unique. Rarely in fact is it possible to find a concentration of places of such inestimable value as those in the Capodimonte area. The splendid peninsula on which the old town lies, the Bisentina Island, a cradle of one of the most influential families of the Renaissance, the Farnese family, the promontory on which the ancient Etruscan city of Bisenzio once stood; all connected by beaches, some perfectly equipped for tourist enjoyment and some still completely natural, with woods and agricultural areas reaching the shores of the lake. All this forms a sort of triangle now known as the “Triangle of Beauty”. In the beginning it was the promontory of Bisenzio, a flourishing Etruscan city and today a “magical” place where lush nature has regained its space, and of the ancient splendour remain a dovecote overlooking the lake, stretches of walls and above all breath taking views of the lake and surrounding countryside. The Capodimonte promontory is one of those places where nature and man’s work blend perfectly, with a historic centre surrounded on three sides by the blue waters of the lake and surmounted by the imposing Rocca Farnese, all creating a skyline that for years has been called “the best profile of Lake Bolsena”. Last but certainly not least, another important place in the Capodimonte territory is the Bisentina Island, a true natural oasis that guards an exceptional cultural heritage in an interweaving of history, ancient architecture, sacred art and mysteries.