I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia in Stezzano, cradle of technological innovation and Bergamo’s green lung

Stezzano is located in the southern plains of Bergamo, the city it borders on, and its roots date back to Roman times: in fact, it has always played an important role thanks to its position along the military road that connected Milan to Bergamo. The historical centre is an interesting example of a fortified agricultural village of medieval origin, still intact in its structure. It is mainly characterized by historic period buildings, agricultural courtyards and many large noble villas: Villa Moroni, Villa Moscheni, Villa Maffeis/Grumelli-Pedrocca (currently the town hall), Villa Morlani and Villa Caroli-Zanchi. Also worth mentioning in the Stezzano area are the parish church dedicated to St John the Baptist, the Shrine dedicated to the Madonna dei Campi, the small 16th century church on the border with Bergamo and the characteristic fountain, known as ol Surbù, built on the occasion of the passage of Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria in 1838. Considering the ratio between the surface area of the municipality and the number of parks, currently 13, Stezzano constitutes one of the largest green lungs in the Bergamo hinterland and is also home to numerous national and international companies in the fields of logistics, technological innovation, braking systems production, energy and automation.